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Love photography, cars and motorsport
Hi! I’m Fabio,
I work as a freelance photographer, specialized in automotive and motorsport. I currently live in Italy, but my work keep me away from home most of time. Cars, motorbike and photography are my passions since I was a child, so now I’m proud of my work, and I do that every day with curiosity, passion ed enthusiasm. I’ve started taking pictures of my motorbike when I was teenager. My passion for photography was born this way and goes on ever since.

As a motorsport photographer I’ve been taking part to: F1, WEC, GT World Challenge, Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo, MXGP and many more events and races around the world.
Besides I work for several magazines, agency and companies providing new stories and services in the automotive field. I’m also a stock creator.

There is nothing better than doing what you love every day (to keep focused and motivated). I’m looking forward to share this passion with people as passionate as You are and develop many exciting new projects together.
+39 335 837 64 64 | | Piva IT02707310021
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